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Commercial Pollution Coverage: Could your Local Dry Cleaner be in Trouble?

Commercial Pollution Coverage for dry-cleaners is one of the largest untapped markets for insurance agencies across the country. A business that is universal to all communities, thousands of dry cleaners operate daily without Commercial Pollution Coverage and are thus leaving themselves exposed to huge risks. Are your local dry cleaners covered? Would they be able to afford a multi-million dollar claim from a simple environmental mistake? To understand what an environmental liability claim can mean for a dry cleaner, take a look at some examples below.

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Claims Examples

Contaminating Operations

Three local dry cleaners found themselves in quite a mess when groundwater samples in the area brought contaminated water to nearly 30,000 people. Following an investigation, operations at these dry cleaners were found to contribute to the groundwater contamination with floor drains that flowed into inadequate private sewage systems and storage tanks that leaked solvents. The launders faced immense clean up costs, which included site excavation, and claims of property damage and bodily injury. Inadequate systems brought claims total to $40 million for these three dry cleaners.

Inadequate Septic System

Following reports of foaming water in homes, apartments, schools and community centers, a county health department conducted an investigation on a local dry cleaner’s septic and sewage system. The system was ultimately found to be the source of volatile organic compound contamination in the groundwater. The laundry facility was required to install entirely new systems and dispose of all spent cleaning fluids off site. The entire community was affected with all residences advised to use bottled water. Penalties, claims and legal fees totaled a staggering $100 million for the local dry cleaner.

Release of Solvents

A decision made by a dry cleaning service prior to 1975 to discharge dry cleaning solvents and laundry wastes into a seepage lagoon came back to bite them ten years later when citizens began complaining about water quality. The dry cleaning owner ended up negotiating a settlement with the state in which he was required to construct a deeper well and face penalties. The total cost claims and cleanup totaled $4.5 million.

Capitalizing on the Dry Cleaning Market

At Apogee, we are happy to help you provide the tools and information necessary to sell coverage to your local dry cleaner and other businesses exposed to environmental liability. With specialized experience and access to the highest rated markets, we can help you to capitalize on these opportunities with expertise and fast, competitive quotes.

Additional Environmental Liability Opportunities

Looking for more ways to profit from the green movement? In addition to commercial pollution liability, Apogee can provide coverage for site pollution, tanks and commercial pollution liability to include transit coverage.

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